Theme Compatibility

TheatreCMS is designed to work with most themes with one- or two-column layouts. Customized template pages are required to display all the additional fields entered on the Production, etc. screens. TheatreCMS comes with a default set of templates and will use them if you haven’t created your own.

Unfortunately, every theme is coded differently and there are no standards for theme development. Therefore the default templates included with TheatreCMS may not match what is required by your theme. This usually isn’t difficult to fix if you understand the basics of theme design. It’s just a matter of modifying the page structure of the TheatreCMS template files to match your theme.

  1. Copy the files located in “/template” directory of the TheatreCMS plugin directory to the top level of your theme directory. Do not rename the files. Don’t edit the files in the plugin directory itself: they will be overwritten when the plugin is updated. 
  2. Open the index.php file from your theme. Below the get_header() tag, you should see one or more <div> tags that represent your page layout. Edit the TheatreCMS files, replacing the enclosing <div> tags with tags identical to those in your index.php file. Pay attention to where the get_sidebar() tag is located: misplacing that will cause very obvious layout problems.
  3. Make backup copies of the edited template files. If you have a commercial theme that auto-updates, these files will be overwritten during the next update. You will need to copy them into the theme directory again.
  4. For experienced theme developers, there is a set of fine-grained template tags in the full version of TheatreCMS you can use to create sophisticated themes for use specifically for TheatreCMS.
  5. If you are not comfortable editing your theme files, you will need to use shortcodes to display individuals productions.
  6. We are exploring ways to make this easier, including themes built specifically for TheatreCMS.

To test whether your theme works with TheatreCMS, download and install the TheatreCMS Lite version from the Plugin Directory.

We would be happy to help troubleshoot theme issues. Please purchase a support credit in our online store, and use the Priority Support Request form to submit your request.


Plugin Compatibility

With more than 26,000 plugins available, it is impossible to guarantee compatibility with all of them. We attempt to adhere to the latest coding standards and WordPress APIs, but older or poorly-coded plugins may not. We can help you troubleshoot your plugin issues. Please post in the Support Forums, or purchase a support credit in our online store, and use the Priority Support Request form to submit your request.